Frequently Asked Questions


What is We Speak?

We Speak is a model agency that represents health approved, drug free models. We Speak emphasizes progressive body ideals and offers special client perks. We Speak clients are forward minded, image rich brands that aim to resonate with their target market.

How do you Health Approve Models?
Is We Speak a Plus Size Agency?
Who Started We Speak?
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What are the Client Perks?

Brands that hire We Speak models receive special perks no other agency can offer. Clients may secure bookings from cancellations; utilize We Speak co-branding and Seal of Pride; and are listed in We Speak’s Client Pride Directory.

What is the We Speak Co-Branding?
What is the Seal of Pride?
What is the Client Pride Directory?
What is a Secured Model Booking?
How is your Treatment of Models Different Than Other Agencies?
Are There ways We Can Improve How We Treat Models on Set?


What are Your Rates?

We Speak rates vary from model to model, job to job. When requesting a model, either state your budget to see what models are available within that bracket, or provide full job details. The higher the usage the job requires and the more experienced the model, the higher the rate. We Speak offers hourly, half day, and full day rates. Contact We Speak here to request a model package.

I Understand We Speak is a Commission-Free Model Agency. How do you Cover Your Costs?
How do I Hire a We Speak Model?
How Do I Request a Model Package?
I would Like to Hire all We Speak Models for an Event. Is That Possible?
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Do I Have to Sign an Agreement With We Speak to Book a Model?


Are We Speak Models Available in Cities Other Than New York?

We Speak models are available in the greater New York and Seattle areas and are available for travel. Travel expenses are to be paid by the client.

Do you, or will you Ever Have, Male Models?
Are There Other Models not on the Site?
Do you Represent Specialty Models (parts, shoe, fit, etc)?
I Don’t see a Model Online That Meets the Needs of my Project. Can We Speak Still Help?
I Loved Working With We Speak. Where can I Give a Review?

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