You don’t have to hire a model or be one to join the We Speak #hirehealthymodels revolution.

Here are 4 things you can do right now to support We Speak:

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I Support We Speak FAQ


What is We Speak?

We Speak is a model agency that represents health approved, drug free models. We Speak places emphasis on progressive body ideals. The agency’s aim is to help give women a voice in fashion and media. The We Speak platform makes it easy for everyday women to make a difference.

Is We Speak a Plus Size Model Agency?
How is We Speak Different Than Most Traditional Model Agencies?
What is the We Speak Seal of Pride?
How do I Know who has the Seal of Pride?
What is the Client Pride Directory?
Who is Shange?
How do you Health Approve Models?
What if a Model Doesn't Meet Your Standard?
Why Drug Free? Isn't That a Stereotype?
Why Don't you Have Male Models?
How can I Contact We Speak?


How can I Support We Speak?

The best ways to support We Speak are to join the on social media pages, engage in conversation, and visit the Client Pride Directory regularly. Follow We Speak on Facebook and Instagram today!

I Love Shange. Does We Speak Have Merch?
Can I Refer a Client to We Speak?
Can I Interview We Speak?
How can I get my Favorite Brand Involved?
I see my Favorite Brand in the Client Pride Directory! What Does it Mean?
Can I Follow We Speak?
I'd Like to Support We Speak in Other Ways. Who do I Contact?


Who Started We Speak?

Hailing from Seattle, Briauna Mariah has been modeling ten years. Graduating high school with an A.S. degree after rigorous studies in 2010, she decided to move to NYC. Experience from agency representation in both Seattle and NYC helped her understand the industry. Published model and entrepreneur, Briauna, founded We Speak in late 2013. Now she has cast a wide net of professional contacts who love and support We Speak. Her knowledge of people, industry, technology, and business are helping change fashion advertising.

Why did she Start We Speak?

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