Model FAQ


How do Models Benefit From Signing With We Speak?

We Speak nourishes a positive, healthy, family-like environment for its models. Models are paid promptly and protected. Any commission cuts from model pay are extremely minimal (and usually non-existent). There is little to no cost in getting started. There are never mysterious fees. We Speak encourages friendly, fair treatment of models on every set.

Is We Speak a Mother Agency?
Can I be Signed With Another Agency?
Does We Speak Take Commissions?
I Don't Live in New York. Can I Still Become a Model With We Speak?
What Type of Model Does We Speak Look for?
Does We Speak Have a Height Limit?
Is We Speak a Plus Size Agency?
Do you Represent Male Models?
Are There any Model Fees Associated with We Speak?
How can I Contact We Speak?
Can I Refer a Client to We Speak?
How can I Support We Speak?


You Represent Drug Free Models. What Does That Entail?

We Speak models are drug free. To keep the definition of “drug free” simple, We Speak had decided to stick to the law. You must not partake in any drugs considered illegal in your state to become a We Speak model.

Why Drug Free? Isn't That a Stereotype?
How do you Health Approve Models?
What if Models Don't Meet your Standard?

Profile Submissions

Why Haven't I Received an Approval Email Yet?

We Speak reviews submissions as often as possible. Sometimes, submissions are seen and replied to right away. Sometimes, you won’t receive an approval. Sometimes, if you're a great fit for a new client, you will receive an approval months later. Please understand, be patient, keep your profile updated, and keep following your dreams.

Once Approved, how Long Does it Take to be Signed?
How do I Know my Profile Submission was Received?
How do I Delete a Photo From my Profile?
How do I get Noticed?
Can I Keep my Profile Updated? Will that Help me get Noticed?

Job Opportunities

I got an Email About Job Opportunities. Now What?

We offer a very unique service to our clients by health approving models and sending them unique faces. When we don't have an exact fit for one of our clients, this is when we know we need to expand and find just the right face to add to our roster. If the email you are receiving has details for a specific opportunity, please follow the instructions in the email carefully to be considered. Nothing else is required.

I Submitted for an Opportunity. When Will I Hear Back?
Does This Mean my Profile was Approved?


Who Started We Speak?

Hailing from Seattle, Briauna Mariah has been modeling for over ten years. After rigorous studies in 2010, she decided to move to NYC. Experience from agency representation in both Seattle and NYC helped her understand the industry and the problems plaguging it. Briauna founded We Speak in late 2013. Her knowledge of people, industry, technology, and business are helping change fashion advertising.

Why did She Start We Speak?

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